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Forever in love with Martha for how very happy she is for them finding each other.

Even Martha ships it! 

I love this scene so much.


wait. WHAT?!  I’ll just be over here dying.

elvhanen mentioned you in a post: “sevanderslice thing is I am 18”:
sevanderslice thing is I am 18

Then you don’t technically need her permission, just an ID.  Although, if this is something that’s gonna get you kicked out of the house, you might want to wait.  Food and shelter are slightly more important than artistic expression.

To be honest, I’m not going to let my son get any tattoos until he’s 18.  That way, he can’t blame me for it later if he no longer likes them.  If he’s 18, that’s his decision. 

I’m am now more awake than I have ever been.




What you get when you watch this video:

  • The catchiness of Blurred Lines while maintaining your self-respect
  • An education!

I love this video because

a) it takes the catchy tune of a disgrace of a song and turns it into something glorious

b) includes the line “Get out of the gene pool” and any song with that line deserves everything

we should make this more popular than blurred lines



This is real.


This is real.


[Official] Behind the scenes photos - Choi jinhyuk

god damn. 

god damn.