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I just love how in half the cut scenes, my Shepard is carrying her favorite M-92 Sniper rifle, but in the other half, she’s miraculously wielding that stupid M-8 avenger assault rifle that she has NEVER taken with her. 

Sarah is a sentinel with pistol and sniper rifle training ONLY.  There is no reason whatsoever for her to using an assault rifle, unless it was the only thing on hand to bash someone’s skull in with. 

  1. eleneripenneth said: Hey, there are omniblades for bashing skulls. The laziness in checking weapons for cutscenes (or biotics use in cutscenes - don’t get me started) has always bugged me.
  2. kunari said: Agreed, even my AR using Shepard’s are subjected to the “Avenger cut scenes”
  3. toastybluetwo said: It doesn’t bother me so much when Gabby has the M-8 in cutscenes, even though she almost never uses it, but she IS a Soldier so she theoretically could. It bothers me when Stella the Adept is toting the same weapon, when she only uses pistols. Wtf.
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